an.kox are one of the leading German manufacturers of waterproofing systems for concrete structures and are experts in the professional and durable sealing of components in contact with the earth. an.kox produce and deliver first-class waterproofing products in classic building construction, civil engineering, but also in building renovation and civil engineering, such as tunnels and large-scale projects.

an.kox Waterproofing - Innovation, flexibility and service – made in Germany.

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DY.CO now offer the highest quality pre applied membrane for fresh concrete and a post applied version for cast concrete.



MASTERTEC have 25 years experience in the development and production of special articles for reinforced concrete construction, which make MASTERTEC one of the leading specialists in the area of water-impermeable structures. Their innovations in the areas of swelling tapes, joint sheet metals, injection hoses and construction chemistry, pressure water-tight service ducts and formwork accessories are used on building sites all over Europe. 

Check out the brochures below:

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ARC Joint Sheet Metals 2.pdf
ARC Injection Hoses Construction Chemistry 3.pdf
ARC Pressure Water-Tight Service Ducts 4.pdf
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proof-tec have more than 4 decades experience in waterproofing of buildings and support customers and partners in technical and practical matters. proof-tec also introduce and support customers into the respective fields of application. Quality is the benchmark on which proof-tec solutions are measured. A building should be sealed once, but permanently. The quality of proof-tec products are continuously developed in independent various material testing institutes.

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