Site Safety


VIVATEC™ Safety work every day to make working at height safer – whether on construction sites, in production facilities, on ships or trucks. For years,  VIVATEC™ Safety have been developing, testing, producing and selling solutions and systems for professional use.
We are committed to the brand "Made in Germany" in the best sense of the word.
The trademark "Made in Germany" stands for:

  • well thought-out, purpose-oriented, innovative solutions.
  • resistant, durable, high-quality products.
  • Products that (over)meet the standards.
  • intelligent, excellently processed products.
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innogain fall arrest recess former

InnoGain have developed a modified recess former from the InnoGain GM. The InnoGain Fall Arrest Recess Former can be used up to 100 times, saving up to 500kgs of steel waste. Contact us for more information.   

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