ARC Green-clean systems

concrete removal agents


Barracuda 10k is not only the most potent concrete remover in the world, it is the safest. Formulated with Syntech, the only synthetic acid in the world, it doesn't require neutralisers either- only water. Although it's efficacy surpasses traditional concrete removal systems such as hydrochloric acid by at least 10%, it still manages to be safe on skin, safe on equipment, and is 100% biodegradable.

foro saph etch

Foro SapH Etch is a non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable etching product, created to replace 32% hydrochloric acid and remove the dangers associated with it. Foro contains the worlds' only synthetic acid, Syntech, which requires zero neutralisers- simply rinse with water. This product is safe on skin and non fuming, making it ideal for use indoors where HCl would be problematic.


Ready-Mix Truck Wash & Wax is a non-corrosive and 100% biodegradable truck wash that removes concrete, grease, oil, soot and fuel stains from your vehicle. It contains Syntech, the worlds' only synthetic acid, and the finest detergents, brighteners, natural rust inhibitors & waxes. It is safe on skin and on your vehicle, and has been backed by leading OEM's in the USA including Volvo.

eco-Friendly cleaning systems


LAM3 is a simple to use, spray and walk away cleaner for any outdoor surface. LAM3 is free from traditional dangerous chemicals that are used in competitors products. LAM3 contains no acids, caustics, solvents, bleach or quat. LAM3 is PH neutral and kinder for skin and the environment.




Fusion is an OEM approved drum coating that boasts 100 times the anti-stick properties of TeflonĀ®.  Fusion bonds with composite or steel to create a barrier that will not allow concrete to stick to the internal walls and fins of the drum. This means less water needed for washouts, maximum discharge, no added weight due to hardened concrete on the interior surfaces, and no damage to the fins due to concrete becoming detached during normal operations.