Introducing our new line of concrete cleaners which contain a 100% synthetic acid, thats safe on equipment, skin, and 100% biodegradable. 

Did we mention its more effective than hydrochloric acid? 

ARC LAM3 is a simple to use, spray and walk away cleaner for any outdoor surface.

 LAM3 is free from traditional dangerous chemicals that are used in competitors products.

 LAM3 contains no acids, caustics, solvents, bleach or quat.

 LAM3 is PH neutral and kinder for skin and the environment.

ARC Barracuda 10K packs the punch of hydrochloric acid, but without any of the nasty side effects. 

 Safe on skin, equipment, and 100% biodegradable.


Anti-stick drum treatment for the ready mix concrete industry. 

 With Fusion you wont need to spend days chipping concrete off the inside of your concrete drum. 

 Why? With Fusion, the concrete doesn't stick at all.

 Don't fix the problem, prevent it.


Installing Manhole Steps?
Tired of drilling and hitting steel?
Don't drill the hole, cast the hole.

Watch our video to see how you can save time & money, all while keeping your workers safe.


Looking for a waterproofing sealant that will withstand the test of time?

Look no further.

FlexproofX1 by an.kox is a single-component waterproofing sealant with high elasticity and adherence, designed to be flexible without losing its waterproofing functions.


PAGEL Spezial-Beton GmbH & Co. KG are one of the worlds' leading producers of specialist grouts for a variety of sectors.

 Their KA-S filling mortar is top tier for sealing leakages and fissures in wastewater systems.